Maximizing Opportunities

Maximizing Opportunities

  • Jon Bibbs, ABR®, SRS®
  • 08/22/23

Are you contemplating the idea of selling your home? Have you been waiting for the right time to make your move? The real estate market in Central Virginia is offering a host of exciting opportunities for sellers, as indicated by the latest data from the CVR MLS. Let's dive into the numbers and explore why now might be the perfect time to list your home for sale.

Embracing the Market Trends

The data showcases a dynamic and evolving real estate landscape that presents several compelling reasons for homeowners to consider listing their properties. Let's break down the key trends and their implications:

New Listings and Inventory

One significant trend is the decline in new listings and inventory, particularly for single-family homes. Year-over-year, new listings have decreased by notable percentages. For sellers, this scarcity of inventory means reduced competition, allowing your property to stand out among a smaller pool of available homes. Buyers in the market are actively seeking suitable options, and your listing could capture their attention more easily.

Average Sales Prices and Price Received

Another positive trend is the consistent increase in average sales prices for both single-family homes and condos/townhomes. Sellers can benefit from this appreciation by potentially fetching higher prices for their properties. Furthermore, the percentage of original price received has remained relatively stable or even increased, indicating that sellers are successfully securing favorable offers.

Days on Market

While the "Days on Market Until Sale" metric has shown some variation, it's important to note that the market remains relatively brisk, with homes selling in a relatively short span of time. This is advantageous for sellers who want a swift and efficient transaction process.

Housing Affordability

Despite the rise in average sales prices, the Housing Affordability Index has experienced a moderate decrease. This suggests that the market is still within a range where buyers find homes affordable, creating a balanced environment for both parties.

Seizing the Opportunity

Based on the insights provided by the data, now is an opportune moment for sellers to take action. Here are some strategies to make the most of the current market conditions:

1. List Sooner Rather Than Later

With the decline in new listings and the potential for your property to stand out, consider listing your home sooner rather than later. As inventory remains relatively limited, you can attract serious buyers who are actively seeking suitable properties.

2. Price Strategically

Leverage the rise in average sales prices by pricing your home strategically. Consult with a real estate professional who has a deep understanding of the local market to determine an optimal price that reflects the value of your property.

3. Showcase Your Property's Unique Features

With reduced competition, your property has a better chance of capturing buyers' attention. Highlight its unique features, whether it's a stunning backyard, upgraded kitchen, or proximity to local amenities. Effective marketing and professional photography can make your property shine.

4. Work with a CSG Advisor

Navigating the real estate market requires expertise. Partnering with a CSG Advisor can help you make informed decisions, negotiate effectively, and streamline the selling process.

5. Be Open to Offers

Given the stability in the percentage of original price received, be open to negotiating with serious buyers. A reasonable approach can lead to successful negotiations and a satisfying outcome for both parties.


The Central Virginia real estate market is brimming with opportunities for sellers. The data paints a promising picture of a market where your property can command attention, secure competitive offers, and provide you with a satisfying selling experience. By acting now and leveraging the current market dynamics, you can embark on a successful journey to sell your home and move on to your next adventure.

Remember, the insights provided here are general observations. For personalized advice tailored to your specific situation, consult with a CSG Advisor who has a comprehensive understanding of the Central Virginia market. The time is ripe to make your move – seize the moment and make the most of these favorable conditions!

(Data source: Central Virginia Regional MLS, as of July 2023)

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